Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy at Home

Today has been delightful.
My morning began with precious time alone with my husband ;)  We have been married 30 years and have just discovered how lovely it is to spend some time together before anyone wakes up.  It is definitely worth waking up earlier.
He left for his workday and I headed into to town to take a child to work and went to the grocery store.  8 am. is definitely a great time to go to the store.
  • I had the store practically to myself-no bumper to bumper traffic!
  • The meat manager was just marking down the items that were about to go out of date-I got some great bargains.
  • My brain was still working clearly before being bogged down with all the little issues of the day
When I got home I prepared a huge pot of Beef and Vegetable soup, two Chicken Pot Pies, and am slow cooking a large Boston Butt on the grill for BBQ sandwiches. I put one Chicken pot pie in the freezer and the other will be tonight's dinner.  Most of the soup and the BBQ will also be put up in the freezer of a later meal. 

What is so remarkable about my day is having the freedom to spend half a day in the kitchen.  For much of the last 10 years I have worked outside the home striving for money, fulfillment and recognition.  When I lost my job 2 months ago I grieved for weeks.

Today, I am rejoicing over the freedom to serve my family by providing some good eating!!
I saved a ton of money by doing my grocery shopping before the crowd.  I am fulfilled by the joy of a job well done for people who love and appreciate me, and the recognition I receive as my family enjoys my offering is very gratifying.

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