Thursday, January 8, 2009

God Will Provide ENOUGH in 2009

The New Year got off to a great start at The Savior's Touch. On Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 we were blessed to host a book signing for "He Came With a Message" by local author Sherri Prestwood.

The book is about the young man in the picture, Chad Thomas. At seven years old his spinal cord was injured when an intern in the recovery room tried to give him a spinal block instead of an epidural to reduce his pain after surgery.

Twenty months later he was involved in a serious car accident in which his sister was killed and he was thrown from the car and skidded across the pavement on his face breaking every bone in his face.
Chad is now seventeen and has had more than forty surgeries. Through it all he and his family have survived and flourished largely because of their strong faith and trust in God. The title of the book comes from an incident that occurred during a hospitalization following the spinal cord injury. Late one night an unknown visitor and his wife came to his room and prophesied that he would be alright and that God would provide for him and use him for God's glory.

On the night before the book signing the Sherri called me to break the news that they only had 60 books available for our event. Despite the fact that they had done everything humanly possible to get their shipment of 300 books in time for the signing they would not arrive until Monday. I assured her that God was in control and that all we could do was all we could do and it would be OK. I had 3 books in stock and received 6 more in my Friday order. We decided that if we ran out we would take orders and deliver the signed books next week.

I thought that 60 books would be a gracious plenty because it far exceeded the number of books that were sold at previous book signing that we have hosted.

The signing was scheduled to begin at 10am and finish at 4. When Sherri, Chad and Chad's parents arrived at 10 am there were people already at the store waiting for them. There were people waiting buy books and to speak to them all day long. At five minutes before 4 they signed their last book!

The story brings to mind the story of Gideon in the Bible whose army was reduced from thousands to a few hundred so that it would be obvious that the victory belongs to Him.