Friday, August 22, 2008

Lies Women Believe

We began working through "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy DeMoss in our Wednesday night class at church about 6 weeks ago.
I have found it to be very insightful and again challenging. The book is based on the premise that Satan lied to Eve in the garden and because she believed the lie, she acted on the lie and the entire human race has been in bondage to sin ever since. Satan's tactics have not changed and he still lies to us whenever he gets the chance. If we believe his lies, we will act on them and our choices and actions will lead us into bondage also. We can be freed from bondage if we can recognize the lies and replace them with the Truth.
So far we have covered the chapters about lies women believe about God, sin, themselves, priorities and marriage.
The challenge comes when you recognize that you have clearly accepted a lie and now must change your behavior to be in agreement with God's Word.
One lie that really challenged me - that word again - was the one that states: I can get by without spending time with God every day. After all these years there are still days when I stay in bed until the last possible moment and then rush into the day without taking time to receive my marching orders. When will I learn? Once again I am making the commitment to be more consistent about my quit time.
If you have read this book please comment about your "challenging" revelations and how you are handling the Truth now that you know.

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